Winter Vaccination Programme

Building on the success of the Covid-19 vaccination delivery programme here in Bury, our GP Practices are working collaboratively to offer eligible patients the opportunity to receive their annual flu vaccination at the same time as a Covid-19 booster vaccination this autumn.

Whilst we would encourage eligible patients to get protected by both the annual flu vaccination and booster Covid-19 vaccination ahead of winter, where a patient chooses to receive only one of the vaccines for personal reasons, this choice will be respected and accommodated.

Eligible patients will be contacted as soon as possible with information about how to book either or both vaccinations depending on your preference, and these are being offered at a number of vaccination centres across Bury, rather than from individual GP Practices. You will be contacted by us when it has been 180 days (c.6 months) since your 2nd COVID injection – if you think this is the case and you haven’t been contacted by us, please let us know so we can check your records and advise you appropriately.

If you are having trouble booking your appointment through the Bury booking website, please contact us and we will help you to book your vaccination slots. Also, if it is your intention to have only the Flu vaccination this year, please contact us and we will provide you with the details to book your Flu vaccination.

There is also the option for patients to have their first or second dose of COVID vaccine if they have yet to receive it. The current vaccine being offered to all patients is the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

For further information on vaccination sites and eligibility criteria, please visit

Covid 19 – Travel Passport Evidence

You will appreciate that GP practices are currently extremely busy so we do not have the capacity to provide evidence of your vaccinations or test results which are recorded on our system.

It is recommended that patient use the NHS app or other apps available, through which you can view your vaccination records and this can be used as evidence of your receiving the covid 19 vaccine.

To access the NHS app, you will need to have access to the online services at and follow the instructions to register.

Thank you.  Redbank Group Practice

Covid 19 Vaccination Leaflets

Please take a look at the leaflets below for up-to-date information about the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme – we will update this information as regularly as we can.

Covid-19 Vaccination Guide for Adults

What to expect after having a Covid-19 vaccination

Vaccines Q&A Factsheet Cover

Answering your questions about the Covid-19 Vaccine

The Flu Vaccination - Who Should have it and why

The Flu Vaccination – Who Should have it and why

Covid-19 Vaccination Guide for Adults

Covid-19 vaccination guide for adults

Why do i have to wait for my covid 19 vaccination

Why do I have to wait for my Covid-19 vaccination?

Covid-19 Vaccination pregnancy guide

Covid-19 vaccination guide for pregnant woman

COVID vaccination and pregnancy/fertility video

For queries around the COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy, please watch this explainer video from Dr Nikki Kinani, Medical Director of Primary Care for NHS England’

Further information available at:


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