All you need to know about askmyGP

Faster, easier access to your GP surgery

When you’re feeling ill or anxious the worry of trying to get through to your GP surgery
can be the last straw.

Our new service, askmyGP, now means that  you can request help from your Practice when, where and how it suits you.

Enjoy feeling more in control as you ask for help securely from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

What is askmyGP ?

AskmyGP is our online service where you can seek help from a GP. The information you give us means the doctors – or other members of staff – are better informed and can help you with your problem quicker

What can you do using askmyGP ?


You can message us from 7am. Please note that access will be restricted once capacity has been reached


There’s no need to book ahead


You can look forward to a prompt response in working hours


You can let us know how and when it’s best to get back to you


We do not accept repeat medication requests through AskMyGP

askmyGP there is never a queue online
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